PROMPT: Word Hunting

Whoops, haven’t posted anything in a while. Here’s a silly prompt (and my ridiculous response) to keep things going:

Ask someone (online or in person) to give you:

Two first names
Four objects (things)

Consult: at random select:

three adjectives starting with C
two starting with S
one started with U

Go here: and generate three random verbs (no duplicates)

Finally! Grab a dictionary, turn to page 56, take the fourth word on that page.

For your prompt combine all the words you’ve just collected! That is: two first names, four objects, three adjectives starting with C, two adjectives starting with S, one starting with U, three random verbs, and a word from the dictionary!

No time or word count limit. Just write!

Two names: Scarlet, Alfonzo

Four objects: farts, dehydrated water, sitar, palm tree

C adjectives: chinked, cherished, corrosive

S adjectives: seagirt, serbian

U adjective: unblinking

Three verbs: multiply, doubt, stitch

Dictionary word: cabochard(e) – French for stubborn

A long time ago in the seagirt land of Falencia lived a serbian sitar maker. His name was Alfonzo. And he was the best sitar maker in all the lands and seas, for he cherished his work and took utmost care to find the best materials so that his sitars might make the most beautiful music.

One day a beautiful young lady came to him for the purpose of purchasing one of his magnificent sitars. Her long black hair tickled the ground at her heels, and Alfonzo stared unblinking into her goddess-like face, astonished at her beauty. She stood, framed by the swaying palm trees in the distance, the sunlight gleaming on her golden skin. But her transcendent face was clouded withdoubt.

“Greetings sir Alfonzo. My name is Scarlet Rajana. I have heard tales that your sitars are the best in all the lands and seas, but I have seen many impressive sitars. Can you prove to me that your sitars are truly the best?”

Her doubting words were corrosive to Alfonzo’s ears, but he did not hesitate. “My sitars are certainly the best in all the lands and seas, and I will show you. Will you sit for me? I will use your beauty to inspire me while I make a sitar so perfect, its music will leave you in tears.”

Scarlet hesitated, but at last she sat upon a small settee, ornate and almost as beautiful as the woman who occupied it. Scarlet noticed the delicate attentions paid to every stitch, and wondered if Alfonzo might have a hidden talent for funitury. However, after an hour or so of sitting while Alfonzo worked, Scarlet began to realize with some horror that the settee was not very comfortable. It pushed her to sit in uncomfortable ways, until she began to feel very bloated. The farts which she emitted in the next several minutes only continued to multiply. Eventually Scarlet spoke. “Perhaps I should take my leave. My father needs me to help collect his special…dehydratedwater….” she scrambled vaguely for an excuse in hopes he had not noticed her frequent flatulence. But Alfonzo was most cabochard, and shook his head. He was deep in the craft, on the verge of perfection.

At that very second Scarlet let out an untimely toot, and Alfonzo chinked his perfect sitar in a moment of wavering concentration.

He gazed sadly at the ruined sitar in his lap, and a single tear fell from his eye as he looked up at Scarlet, the gorgeous, gaseous woman. He strummed a tremulous note upon the sitar, and Scarlet began to weep with regret for what she had caused.

“Its music will leave you in tears,” quoth Alfonzo.


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