Newspaper Post – Part 7

N-avatarOk….so this time I did forget. And now I have almost 6 months of work posts to share. On the plus side, this will be a great way to procrastinate/kill some time if that is the sort of thing you need!

Anywho, here’s a whole lotta links to peruse at your leisure:

First up, Murder in Miniature – a post about the woman who reportedly inspired the character Jessica Fletcher in Murder, She Wrote

Billy the Kid Killed – “On This Day” post, rather self-explanatory 😉

Apollo 11 – a post about the spacecraft that launched into lunar history on July 16, 1969

Disney’s Dream – Disneyland had to start somewhere

Uncle Wiggly Wings – This USAF pilot earned a pretty “sweet” reputation

Beatrix Potter – In honor of her birthday, a post about the beloved children’s book authoress

Happee Birthdae Harry! – the children’s author streak continues with this post about Harry Potter

Attack on Hiroshima – Another OTD post about the devastating atomic attack

Combustible Combs – just what it sounds like: combs that exploded

Pranking the Dreadnought – this impressive prank made the papers AND one of the participants later became a pretty well-known author

The 19th Amendment is Made Official – Well done, sister suffragettes

The March on Washington – an overview of a truly peaceful protest that witnessed the now-famous words, “I have a dream”

Geronimo! – This word has been used as a rallying cry for jumping out and off of things…but why?

Joice Heth: Barnum’s Big Break – The successful showman’s career all started with an old woman – but she wasn’t that old

A Look Back: Headlines from September 2001

Crush’s Train Wreck – A deadly publicity stunt that did just what it was meant to do…aside from the deaths, that is

Gerber Singles – All about that one time that a baby-food company tried to make baby food for college kids

Model T Ford: “Do You Own One?” – The famous car was produced OTD in October

The Bullfrog in the Buttermilk – the story of an unusual method of butter churning

Grace Bedell and Lincoln’s Beard – This little girl had a pretty strong opinion on the president’s facial hair, or lack thereof

Back to the Future Today – The Future of Back to the Future II arrived! And it wasn’t quite like the movie predicted

Balloon Jumping – The floating sport that never really “took off” (har har)

Franklin’s Armonica – Yep, Ben Franklin invented a musical instrument, and no, it’s not the harmonica

The Unusual Death of Edgar Allen Poe – His death was as weird and unpleasant as his life

Happy Halloween! – A bit o’ Halloween History

Laika, First Space Dog – Spoiler 1: she made it to space! Spoiler 2: she died.

Blibber-Blubber – Bubble gum’s less well-liked ancestor

The Stories of Veterans – Veteran’s tales on different wars, found throughout the newspapers

Disney’s Fantasia – OTD post about the release of Disney’s orchestral cartoon

And bringing up the rear, my latest post:

Happy Birthday, Steamboat Willie – Another Disney-themed post about Mickey’s first successful flick

Sooo many links. I will be thoroughly shocked if anyone actually clicks through any of those, much less all of them. Haha. But there they are for anyone interested. 🙂

And here is the link to the blog where all these beautiful posts are originally published: the Fishwrap Blog.



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