House Pictures — Updated!

At last, the time has come.

It seems impossible, but it is true. This post is not an apologetic paragraph about my bad blogging skills, nor is it a writing prompt, short story, or list of blog posts. It is, in fact, a True Post.

Months ago—nay, years—I posted about my in-laws’ house that we had recently moved into to take care of whilst they are off on adventures elsewhere. Joe and I had some furniture but not much. In fact, we pretty much had a TV and a couch. I know, I know, that pretty much covers the essentials. But for some silly reason we also wanted a bed frame and a kitchen table, so we (spoiler alert!) ended up getting those too.

And today, after so long a wait (almost exactly 2 years later, in fact), I have finally come forward to reveal….the afters.


Bedroom: before

IMG_2762 (2)

And…after! Look, a bed fame! And also a dog bed. Bonus!


Table Area: before

IMG_2776 (2)

And after with kitchen table! We also painted the light above the table silver, instead of brown. The sun’s really giving it her all in these pictures so it’s kind of hard to see. But it does give a nice “heaven-sent” vibe to the table, so that’s a perk.


Table Area and Kitchen: before

IMG_2757 (2)

And after! Again you may note the lovely table. It’s much better to eat on than a rug.

IMG_2755 (2)

Just another angle. Notice the dog bowl holder to the right of the table. Built it myself *brushes off shoulder*


Kitchen/Chalkboard Wall: before

IMG_2780 (2)

Angle’s a bit different but….after! The only real difference here is the stuff on the counters and the fact that we put beadboard around the peninsula counter thing. Oh, and that beautiful dog bowl holder making an appearance again. Vain little thing!


Living Room: before

IMG_2767 (2)

Different curtains, moved the shelf, switched around the coffee table and added some art on the walls.  This was the most complete room from the start so changes in here are pretty minimal.

IMG_2760 (2)

Another angle! The cords hanging down are not my favorite but I do enjoy my shelves 🙂


Tara’s Office: before

IMG_2775 (2)

The shelves feel a lot busier, but the only real change here is the addition of an actual office chair and a second monitor for my desk. And it is niiiice.


Tara’s Office: before

IMG_2771 (2)

Different angle but the same things. Still love this room!

And so it is done. I really enjoy our things and the feel of our house as a whole. Hopefully you’ve felt some closure here today—an easing, if you will, of the tension born from years-long hopes unfulfilled. You need no longer wonder, as I’m sure you have in nearly every waking moment, “Do they still sleep on a mattress pad on the floor?” or perhaps something like, “Do they get rug fibers in their food during dinner?”

No, good reader. As you can see, these troubles trouble us no longer.


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