Ah, dear reader. You have already been deceived.

The title of this blog suggests that I write about more than just myself, but I must confess that is almost entirely untrue. While I personally quite enjoy my husband, he has no interest in blogging or in most of the stuff you’ll find here, so the whole setup is pretty much a lie. But “The Ginger” by itself just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it? Rather vague in meaning. Am I talking about a root or a redhead? Impossible to tell. I’m sure you can see why the deception was necessary.

But I shall clarify: this blog is a space for me to write about my life, goals, hobbies, and silly random things as I find them in the wide world of the internet. It will mostly revolve around reading, writing, DIY, and food. Here and there will be sprinkles of home life with Joe and our always ridiculous and sometimes lovable dogs, Magnus and Sawyer. Our cat Molly may occasionally get a mention as well.

I try to update regularly but, like me, this blog is sometimes inconsistent, boring, confusing and unrelatable. Still, it might be worth sticking around for the times when we really get it right.

Glad to see you here, intrepid wanderer.


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