Lots of Words That Make a Birthday

To start: why is WordPress considered superior to Blogger?

I understand that there is a free version of WordPress that does not allow for much elbow room as far as customization goes, and that if I wanted to have more freedom I could use the version for which one pays money. So I suspect that WordPress could be better. But so far, comparing the free Blogger to the free WordPress, Blogger is way easier to understand and way easier to make look exactly how you want. Of course, I don’t plan on moving back to blogger so I guess that says something. Whatever else it may be, WordPress is clean and keeps things tidy. I like it.

Also, did you know that WordPress capitalizes the p in press automatically? I didn’t do that. FASCINATING.

So with that out of the way, on to my birthday weekend events.

You’ll be SHOCKED to learn that I didn’t take any pictures the entire weekend. Not one. I know, how unlike me. (This is sarcasm.) Thus the title of this post, because it will be just me spurting words like a holey garden hose.

February 13, 2015 – Birthday

8:26 AM: I wake up because Joe is leaving for work and saying goodbye. I think “maybe he made breakfast for me.” He didn’t, but I don’t mind because I’m pretty sure I didn’t for him on his birthday either. Plus I don’t really eat breakfast. It was a rather rebellious thought to have happened, actually.

9:29 AM: I wake up for reals because I’m a lazy human who sleeps in. I zombie-stand out of bed and put on clothes, probably not real clothes though because girl pants are tight these days, yo. Leggings. Giant sweatshirt. Hair in bun. Check check check.

9:43 AM: I wander into the office and think, “I should work.” This thought is bizarre because I have already worked all the other days this week so I could take off time on my birthday.

10:02 AM: And yet, I work. For a couple hours. I write a sort of disappointing (to me) post on Valentine’s Day for the newspapers.com blog and ponder about lunch.

11:52 AM: Grandma calls! I am delighted. We chat for approximately 8 minutes and I feel loved.

12:01 PM: I eat lunch. I can not elaborate on this point because my memory is terrible. Whilst I eat I watch youtube videos and lounge in my new office chair. I do this for several hours as well.

2:06 PM: I resolve to stop watching Youtube and read a book…as soon as this video ends.

2:07 PM: Melanie calls! I am delighted. We chat for approximately 46 minutes and I feel loved and socialized.

2:53 PM: I hang up with Mel and go right back to my mistress, the internet. But she shows me wonderful things, like how to make 3D paper hearts that you can tape to your walls. “Yes,” I whisper to the bright glow of the screen. “A craft. Yessss…” I gather supplies, thinking I will have plenty of time to print out, cut, construct, and tape hearts and still have time to read before Joe gets home. I begin the project with Heath Ledger masterfully playing Ulrich von Liechtenstein in the background.

5:23 PM: Joe gets home as I am in the midst of taping little red hearts to the wall. The project turned out to take a lot longer than expected and I am inexplicably sweaty from the effort. He whips out a bouquet of fresh flowers from behind his back. I am delighted! I finish taping the hearts to the wall. They are adorable. Also Joe has at some point that morning drawn a “birthday warthog” on the chalkboard. He (the warthog) stares at me glumly, but he’s wishing me happy birthday so I love him despite himself.


It seems I lied. I have one picture. See here my hearts and Birthday Warthog, plus bonus grocery list!

5:50 PM: We have plans to go to Happy Sumo with my parents. I decide we should leave early to get seats. By the time we have dog-proofed the house, put on shoes, grabbed coats, and double checked that the house is truly dog proof, we’re late. We drive and Joe calls the restaurant to check on wait times. He discovers the wait time is an hour. We disown Happy Sumo.

6:48 PM: Parents, Husband and I convene at our new destination: Asahi. We consume more sushi than people should. Our waitress gently mocks us with her questions: “You ate it all?” “You want to order more?” I stare her down and do not change my mind. Yes. I want more sushi. I want it all.

8:30ish PM: We four return home for cake and present. Present is a Neato robot vacuum from my parents because they are awesome and the house is basically our third dog, such is its hairyness. The cake is carrot cake from Magelby’s, and it is heavenly. I love carrot cake. Mmm.

9-10 PM: We stare at the robot, named Marvin, as it cleans the floor. Yes, for an hour.

10:14 PM: Parents leave and Joe watches the rest of A Knight’s Tale with me.

And thus ends my birthday.

OR DOES IT? To be continued….

P.S. Thanks to all my lovely friends/family who wished me happy birthday through texts, facebook and in person! Gah I love you all.