PROMPT: Creature Combo

Pick one from each list to make a creature/animal combination and write a scene in which this creature appears.

List 1 List 2
Vampire Porcupine
Ninja Armadillo
Zombie Pig
Pirate Goat
Mummy Lobster
Clown Possum
Banshee Shark
Wraith Eel

A salty sea spray washed across Jeremiah’s face. He blinked it away, but couldn’t do much else in his current…compromised position. Behind him a crew of sun-baked seadogs smirked as the ship’s first mate held Jeremiah precariously over the edge of the ship, letting him teeter just on the edge of balance.
“You guys could stand to clean a litle better,” Jeremiah grunted as his face was forced closer and closer to the salt-crusted planks of the ship’s exterior. “She’s looking pretty rough down here.”
In thanks the first mate shoved him harder against the rail. Jeremiah grinned through gritted teeth.
“You can beat me against this ship until my ribs break, my fish-eaten friend. But you and your crew sunk my ship and imprisoned my men. I’ll not be telling you anything.”
Jeremiah’s captor pulled him back without warning and threw him down on the deck.
“Ye’ll talk, and ye’ll talk soon, or m’name ain’t Bloodbath McGee,” said the first mate, a giant of a man with a greasy, black beard that lay in scraggly ropes against his chest. Yellow sweat stains seeped from his armpits, adding to his excessive charm.
Jeremiah quirked his head, eyebrows raised. “Is your name Bloodbath McGee?”
Bloodbath opened his mouth to roar a fearful response, and paused, looking confused.
“Well, no. It’s Errol. But people call me Bloodbath, or I break their arms off.”
“Ah,” Jeremiah nodded with the utmost respect. “A pleasure to meet you, Bloodbath.”
Bloodbath shrugged back his shoulders impressively.
Somewhere behind the scumfold of pirates that gathered to watch his torture, Jeremiah heard the significant slam of a door—the door to the captain’s cabin. At the sound the men began to scuttle away like spiders, hurrying to their stations. Only a handful remained, looking full of trepidation but unsure whether it would be worse to stay or to go. Bloodbath alone looked confident with standing in his place, hovering over Jeremiah like a girthy, sweaty bird of prey and blocking Jeremiah’s view of the captain’s quarters. But even the massive first mate gave himself away. His eyes widened like a goldfish’s, and his sausagey fingers trembled.
Jeremiah heard the approaching steps of the captain moving across the deck. They were strange, and sharp, and too fast.
Understanding began to wash through Jeremiah like a glacial tide, freezing his blood in his veins. He thought frantically through the events of the last several hours. Were there clues that could have alerted him to the danger? Had he seen the telltale flag as it heralded its captain? If he had only paid attention… if he had only thought….
Dread hung heavy in his throat as Jeremiah raised his eyes, looking beyond Bloodbath’s hulking form, beyond the criss-crossing ropes and pulleys, beyond it all, until his eyes focused on the black flag, snapping above him in a strong eastern wind. Time seemed to slow to a sickening crawl as he watched the flag unfurl, revealing, at long last, the only image Jeremiah would fear to see.
“The Black Goat,” Jeremiah said. The words seethed from his throat in a horrified moan.
“Yaa-aa-aa–aarrr.” Captain Goatbeard clopped into view. His eerie rectangular pupils gleamed, and Jeremiah knew he had already lost.


PROMPT: We Are Gonna Be Kings

Chose a song to inspire your prompt:



Use this starting line: We are gonna be kings.

Time: 10 minutes

(I used option number 3, “Frayed Legacy”)

“We are gonna be kings.”
Geoffrey looked sideways at his brother over their discovered treasure. The glittering contents shifted, clinking and clattering over each other as Adrian grinned through a dirt smeared face.
“We’re going to be gods.”
Adrian’s prediction proved true enough, for the brothers new-found fortune propelled them into power and glory beyond what they had ever dreamed. They found themselves in the society of nobility, and their kindness endeared them to the royals. The old, graying King Rupert was especially fond of Geoffrey, and the young man inherited the superior title, much to Adrian’s displeasure.
Pride, and greed, overruled Adrian’s jealous heart, and he killed his brother, taking the throne for himself with none the wiser. The kingdom, once shining with promise and life, began to decay under the rule of a king with a rotting heart.
In the shambles of the town below the gleaming castle–the only thing still untouched by the wear of time–another emerged. A young woman with fire in her eyes and hope in her heart. She roused the people to fight against the injustice of their new ruler, King Adrian, who wore a crown on his head but his soul was that of a poor, shriveled thing.
Her younger brother, Garrett, was not as keen on the idea of revolution.
“We’re nobody, Elya. We’re just kids.”
Elya took her brother’s face in her hands. The wind blew against her raven hair, lifting the tendrils around her face like blackened flames.
“Perhaps we are nobody, dear one. But we are an army nonetheless.” She lifted her hand to the crowd gathered, their worn, sorrow-lined faces looking grim and determined, and hopeful for the first time in many, many years.
“This is our chance to fix this broken world. We can make it better, make it what it should always have been.”
Garrett nodded, reluctant. But his sister was strong, and good.
The battle was fierce. The courtyard around the castle wept with the blood of the fallen, poor and rich alike. And at the end, in the cloud of settling smoke and ash, stood Elya and Garrett, the body of King Adrian at the girl’s feet.
Garrett looked over the shattered kingdom, and the broken bodies, and he wept.
“We are going to be kings,” he said.

A Note on Prompts

I should have mentioned this before, but now’s as good a time as any: I would LOVE it if you wrote something based on these prompts and left it as a comment. I would 100% read it. So if you are the writing type and feel a certain spark from one of the prompts I post, please do it! That would be amazing. Also if you have prompt ideas you’ve loved, send em at me. I might use them in my daily prompt exercises and post the results here. I can always use more inspiration from all sides.

And of course feel free to leave feedback if you like. I know my responses aren’t perfect but I still try to do a good job, and would love to hear any thoughts on these, good or bad.

That’s it for now. Now to awkwardly bow out….

PROMPT: Tiny Dragon

My prompt response based on this picture:

dragon (1)

“Segrid! There’s another dragon outside. Go and get it will you? She’s perfect for my collection.”
Segrid sighed and grabbed the little net that hung just outside the door of her father’s study. She peeked in the door as she went by. Almod stood at the window, staring out at a point just beyond the vegetable garden in front of their house. On the walls hung cases of the little dragons he claimed to love, pinned against peeling velvet pillows with their glittering wings outspread. Segrid didn’t like going in there. She felt their glassy eyes always staring at her, asking her why.
Segrid stepped out the front door and held up a hand against the setting sun. Turning to look at the study window she saw her father nod through the glare of light on the glass, and then he turned and disppeared. In the long grass behind the garden she could hear the little whuf whuf of the dragon’s wings, but the creature was flying low. Segrid stepped gingerly, trying not to damage any of the humans’ things at her feet. It was such an easy thing to accidentally crush a wheelbarrow or a small family.
A glint of light bounced off a wing as it flashed by through the grass. Segrid stopped in place and watched for movement, but the dragon was on to her now. Only the sound of the working farmers below could be heard as though far distant. They didn’t seem worried about the dragon, though they’d have surely noticed it by now. Strange.
Segrid felt again the familiar pang of guilt at the thought of helping her father with his “hobby,” but usually the dragons were disruptive. They annoyed the household with their constant attempts to burn the fields and eat the humans. Such an inconvenience. But Segrid had always had a soft spot for the creatures nonetheless. They were beautiful and brave and felt like cooling coals in her hands.
This dragon seemed to have left the garden and people alone. The only thing she could see that it had done was fly.
Suddenly the dragon zoomed up out of cover. It must have thought the threat was gone, with her standing still for so long. She’d lost her focus…but now as she watched the little flyer soar around the grass and flip in the golden light of sunset, she remembered all too well the task she’d been sent to do. She glanced over at the study window, but it was still dark.
The little dragon dipped and floated through the air, disappearing in the direction of the brook. Segrid tiptoed after, making sure to avoid the tiny and carefully cultivated pumpkin patch below. As she reached the stream’s edge she saw the dragon had landed and was looking up at her with tiny, bulgy eyes. It was staring at her, it had known she was following. It was asking her why. And Segrid didn’t know the answer.
Segrid set down the net. No more dead dragons for her father’s walls, not from her. She knelt and held out a hand to the dragon and it climbed unhesitating into her palm. The touch of that creature, living and free, set Segrid smiling for the rest of her life.

PROMPT: In Her Voice I Heard…

The title of this post was the line we were given to start our response. This was a ten minute timed prompt, and it was the first one my writing friends and I did. So without further ado, here’s my super weird response to get the prompts going!

In her voice I heard another voice singing. I know it seems absurd, but I was certain I’d heard it, and she had certainly noticed. When my eyes lowered to peer with some concern in the direction of her lips, she snapped her mouth shut and smiled at me as though most people just stop talking in the middle of sentences.
I wiggled my toes in my shoes as I waited for her to bring up the fact that a tiny little voice sang while she talked. It seemed impolite to bring it up myself. But she did not seem the least bit inclined to mention it again, and a silence hung foglike between us. She smiled like nothing was wrong. I wiggled like everything was.
“Ahem,” I said, just like that, ahem. “Excuse me, but when you spoke just now…”
“Yes?” She asked after a pause. The voice in her voice sang.
A smile slanted across my face. “Well… when you speak….excuse me for saying so, but when you speak it seems to me that there’s another voice…singing. In your mouth.” I blushed, feeling impertinent.
“I see.” She said. There was singing again. She continued to smile that unperturbed smile, which as it happened only added to my own perturbation.
“You don’t find that to be concerning?”
“Oh, no, not as such,” she said, the voice singing along. “It is most likely just Cuspid. He does that, sometimes.”
She leaned forward until her face was uncomfortably close and opened her mouth wide. The back molars were filled with something silver and her tongue kept wiggling around like it didn’t know how to stop. But these observations were nothing when I noticed the little creature, hiding behind the molars on her left side. It was a tiny, humanoid being and he smiled up at me. He had no teeth, but he was cute nonetheless.
“Ah,” I said, leaning back. She closed her mouth and looked at me with wide, curious eyes.
“You know, you’re the first to notice. No one else has ever been able to hear him.”