Something Something Something

So I took pictures of the house weeks ago as the impetus for writing a home tour sort of post. And then I couldn’t find the cord to put them on the computer. And Joe has a million of them somewhere but we just haven’t gotten around to it. So that’s coming sometime, and I’m excited because it shows a lot of the little things we’ve done and our bedroom was literally a memory foam mattress pad on the floor and now it’s not and we’ve got other things we’re doing soon (like this weekend) that will change things up even more! I love doing things to houses. Even nice ones like this that really don’t need anything. It’s just fun for me to see how different I can make things look with really simple changes.

Also our next order of business is to buy a kitchen table because I have hit my head on the dining light SO MANY TIMES. It’s weird how much rage a little knock on the head can produce.

I also turned 26 two weeks ago and had fun times with that and Valentine’s Day, which I will talk about but not right now because I need to go back to work. So I guess that was just a teaser to get you PUMPED for my awesome stories to come.

And I shall leave you with some solid advice. If you are a fan of both salt and vinegar chips and sour patch kids candy, I strongly suggest you eat them at different times on different days, because the combination of these two delicious snacks wreaks havoc on one’s mouth. I don’t necessarily speak from personal experience but…I do. And I am wiser now. Use my wisdom, friends.