Newspaper Post – Part 7

N-avatarOk….so this time I did forget. And now I have almost 6 months of work posts to share. On the plus side, this will be a great way to procrastinate/kill some time if that is the sort of thing you need!

Anywho, here’s a whole lotta links to peruse at your leisure:

First up, Murder in Miniature – a post about the woman who reportedly inspired the character Jessica Fletcher in Murder, She Wrote

Billy the Kid Killed – “On This Day” post, rather self-explanatory 😉

Apollo 11 – a post about the spacecraft that launched into lunar history on July 16, 1969

Disney’s Dream – Disneyland had to start somewhere

Uncle Wiggly Wings – This USAF pilot earned a pretty “sweet” reputation

Beatrix Potter – In honor of her birthday, a post about the beloved children’s book authoress

Happee Birthdae Harry! – the children’s author streak continues with this post about Harry Potter

Attack on Hiroshima – Another OTD post about the devastating atomic attack

Combustible Combs – just what it sounds like: combs that exploded

Pranking the Dreadnought – this impressive prank made the papers AND one of the participants later became a pretty well-known author

The 19th Amendment is Made Official – Well done, sister suffragettes

The March on Washington – an overview of a truly peaceful protest that witnessed the now-famous words, “I have a dream”

Geronimo! – This word has been used as a rallying cry for jumping out and off of things…but why?

Joice Heth: Barnum’s Big Break – The successful showman’s career all started with an old woman – but she wasn’t that old

A Look Back: Headlines from September 2001

Crush’s Train Wreck – A deadly publicity stunt that did just what it was meant to do…aside from the deaths, that is

Gerber Singles – All about that one time that a baby-food company tried to make baby food for college kids

Model T Ford: “Do You Own One?” – The famous car was produced OTD in October

The Bullfrog in the Buttermilk – the story of an unusual method of butter churning

Grace Bedell and Lincoln’s Beard – This little girl had a pretty strong opinion on the president’s facial hair, or lack thereof

Back to the Future Today – The Future of Back to the Future II arrived! And it wasn’t quite like the movie predicted

Balloon Jumping – The floating sport that never really “took off” (har har)

Franklin’s Armonica – Yep, Ben Franklin invented a musical instrument, and no, it’s not the harmonica

The Unusual Death of Edgar Allen Poe – His death was as weird and unpleasant as his life

Happy Halloween! – A bit o’ Halloween History

Laika, First Space Dog – Spoiler 1: she made it to space! Spoiler 2: she died.

Blibber-Blubber – Bubble gum’s less well-liked ancestor

The Stories of Veterans – Veteran’s tales on different wars, found throughout the newspapers

Disney’s Fantasia – OTD post about the release of Disney’s orchestral cartoon

And bringing up the rear, my latest post:

Happy Birthday, Steamboat Willie – Another Disney-themed post about Mickey’s first successful flick

Sooo many links. I will be thoroughly shocked if anyone actually clicks through any of those, much less all of them. Haha. But there they are for anyone interested. 🙂

And here is the link to the blog where all these beautiful posts are originally published: the Fishwrap Blog.



Newspaper Post – Part 6


It’s been a while…but I haven’t forgotten! And I’ve published quite a few work posts since the last time I rounded them up so if you’re in the mood for a bit of light reading on a lot of random topics, today is your lucky day.

And off we go:

Oak Island Money Pit — There’s a mysterious man-made obstacle pit in Canada and no one can get to the bottom

The Slave Quilt Code — It’s rumored that a code using quilts was used to help slaves escape

A Good Day for Flying — May 21 was a record-breaking day for both Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart

Animal Furniture — And now for something completely different: the strange and vaguely upsetting trend of making furniture from dead animals

A Royal Coronation — For those interested in all things queenly, June 2 was the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation

Councilman Rhino — You know the people must not care much for your politics when a rhino beats you to city council

Horse of the Century — Secretariat was a record-breaking racehorse, and June 9 was the anniversary of his incredible Triple Crown win

The Mysterious Demise of Ludwig II — Fan of unsolved mysteries? This monarch’s death has yet to be explained even today

A War Begins — On June 18, 1812, the United States entered their “second war for independence”

Rosenberg Execution — One of the most controversial death sentences was carried out on a husband and wife spy duo in the heat of the Cold War

Olive Oatman — A young lady was kidnapped for five years by Native Americans and returned with a tattooed face

Pickles the Dog — Only a dog with so noble a name would find the stolen World Soccer Cup

And last on today’s long list:

Yankee Doodle Dandy — Some historical tidbits on the well-known patriotic ditty

One of these days I’ll post something besides Newspapers posts and prompts. But for now I’m just happy this blog is being used for anything. 😀

Newspaper Post – Part 5

N-avatarAalllrighty. So as I’ve clearly missed several weeks of posting on this lovely little blog, this post will be much more link-y than usual.Here are the Newspapers articles I’ve posted in the last month. So many things for you to read!

The Van Gogh Ear Prank – An April Fool’s Day post about a man who just wanted to visit a museum

What’s With the Easter Bunny? – Ever wondered why a bunny became associated with Easter? This is one possible answer

Swansea Jack, a Canine Hero – the tale of a pup who made a living of saving lives

Jackie the Great – In honor of a momentous day in baseball history, a post about Jackie Robinson joining the major leagues.

The “Fury of Hell” Hits San Francisco – A ‘this day in history’ post about the great San Francisco earthquake

A Day for Earth – A post about the very first Earth day in 1970

and last but not least

The Ghost of Zona Heaster Shue – an unusual ghost story about a lady who solved her own murder

I am determined to put something on this blog other than these newspaper-related posts next time, haha. It’s going to happen!

Edit: Just published another Newspaper post today, so I figured  I might as well throw it onto this since it’ll have so many friends.

“May Day is a Very Fine Day” – short little post with kids drawings and stories about May Day

Newspaper Posts – Part 4

I am a slacker. And I should probably write some posts other than these Newspaper ones, haha. But nevertheless here are my posts from’s blog from the last two weeks:

Paris Baby Raffle – A little info on a weird baby lottery that happened in Paris and was actually kind of successful

The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire – Longer article about a horrible factory fire that happened in early 1900s NYC and led to better safety regulations and worker conditions

The Latest Improvement in Electric Lighting – short post about how electricity was once, like, really bright and annoying.

As always you can find these on the Fishwrap blog that I write for.

Weekly Newspaper Posts – Part 2


It occurred to me that I occasionally publish my Newspaper posts on the weekend so I think I’ll do these on Saturdays for the purposes of properly gathering up all my Newspaper post children. Here are the two from the past week:

Doth Mine Eye Deceive Me? – A roundup of old optical illusion articles inspired by a certain dress that took over the entire internet

The Mythical Man of Georgia Tech – The tale of George P. Burdell and his comical lack of existence

Once again, a link to Fishwrap,’s blog. Which I write for. As my job.

Weekly Newspaper Posts – Part 1

Featured imageSome of you may not know (maybe?) that I write blog posts for my job. Technically it’s for, but actually it’s for the blog of a site they own, I sit at home, in my own office, in pajamas or real pants or a blanket or maybe all three, surrounded by snacks and music, and research and write about things that I find in our online archive of newspapers. I honestly don’t think they’re very good articles most of the time (not for lack of trying!), but I do always think they’re about interesting things.

Recently my brother suggested that I share the posts I write on here, making them easy to find and read for whoever’s interested. Which is a really good idea (thanks Spencer!) so I’m going to try to do that each Friday. I usually only write two posts a week but I’m working on changing that to be at least three, if not more. And now you can watch and scold me if that doesn’t happen soon.

So without further ado, for anyone who’s interested, here are the posts I wrote this week (and last week too, for good measure.)

Jackie Mitchell – The girl who struck out Babe Ruth

Davies’ Heroic Rescue – WWII hero who saved a man behind enemy lines

Pierced Nails—The Lastest Fad – A bit of info about a weird fashion trend

The Hills Are Alive… – You might be able to guess this one

Be prepared to be underwhelmed! 🙂 Still, if you find these interesting let me know, it always helps to know that people are reading these and wanting to know more.

For anyone interested, this is the blog itself.